Formed in 2020, Vera Revive demonstrates the balance of heavy instrumentation with a melodic atmosphere, all while lyrically addressing the loss of love and oneself.  

The Phoenix-based quartet was founded by guitarist James Swisher and vocalist John Lockwood after leaving their home state of New York. Bouncing between hardcore riffs and melancholic verses, their debut single 'What It Means to Forgive' was released in May of 2020. This was shortly followed up with a music video that gained a fair amount of attention from fans of bands like Misery Signals & Counterparts. Critics described the debut single as "tough post-hardcore mixed with alternative metal, held together by melancholic harmonies."

"It's about trying to change your direction in life" says vocalist John Lockwood, "Coming to terms with issues in your past, and starting new."

The band released their second single 'Grief' at the end of June 2020, solidifying their place in modern alternative metal.

"You never know what someone is dealing with" says vocalist John Lockwood, "Grief explores a part of my past, one filled with blame. You have to admit certain issues to yourself in order to get better."

The band released their third single 'Withdrawn' on August 28th, 2020.

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